Saturday, 6 March 2010

Llynnau Mymbyr

Llynnau Mymbyr - North Wales.

This video was taken on March the 5th 2010. It is of the famous Llynnau Mymbyr
Llynnau Mymbyr are two lakes located in Dyffryn Mymbyr, a valley running from the village of Capel Curig, north west Wales. The A4086 runs along their northern banks.

Strictly speaking it is one lake, originally called Llyn Mymbyr, with a maximum depth of 30 feet. About 3/4 mile long in total, a delta has built up midway along the north shore, and this has to all purposes cut the lake in two. The river feeding the lakes is the Nantygwryd (or Nant-y-gwryd), which has its source at Llyn Cwm-y-ffynnon, also marked on maps as the Nant Gwryd, which is a tributary of the Afon Llugwy. The two rivers join in Capel Curig.
View of Llyn Gwynant and Nant Gwynant
Caernarfon Castle
Common buzzard over Llynnau Mymbyr Video taken on March the 5th 2010.